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      Message from the Tournament Director

The 2024 AAU Nationals Qualifier for Southern California will be on June 1, 2024!

AAU Taekwondo is the largest organization, and our goal is to keep inspiring and providing opportunities for many 

talented athletes to rise to the top.  In 2015, AAU Taekwondo started in Southern California, and since then, our 

district has become one of the largest in the nation, producing countless AAU national team members!   

We believe both elites and grassroots-level athletes deserve high-quality, standardized tournament experience, 

and it is our mission to provide the national-level tourney experience in our district;


  • All athletes use the Daedo Gen 2 system.  Black belts will also use E-head gears.

  • All our referees are AAU or USAT certified, and we only recruit reputable referees.

  • Spacious and comfortable venue!

  • One of the highest levels of competition in the nation


The benefit of attending our tournament is more than just qualifying, it experienced a lot of talented athletes in 

our state before you go to the nationals.


We are truly thankful to all our staff, parent volunteers, partnering masters, and coaches who selflessly gave their time to make this event enjoyable.  Thank you, and enjoy watching our athletes perform their skills on the mats!

Best Wishes,

Master   Derrick Kwak

AAU District Taekwondo Chair

District 33 - Southern Pacific

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